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Radically supportive translation services for purpose-driven businesses
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Good translation is complicated

Especially yours. Purpose-driven businesses deal with specialized terms, cutting-edge ideas, and sophisticated tone requirements. Like a bad phone connection, a mediocre translation will introduce noise and interfere with your impact.

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Who can you trust to do it right?

It’s tempting to ask well-meaning staff and volunteers to translate without specialized skills. But that can turn a small project into a time-eating monster.
Meanwhile, big-box agencies can be fast and cheap — but at what cost?
Many employ labor practices that make conscious capitalists cringe. And forget having direct access to the people in charge of your words.
It’s enough to leave you lost and overwhelmed.

Good translation isn’t just a business issue.

It’s an equity issue.

Your brand’s mission and reputation
are at stake.

You deserve a translation partner who will go the extra mile.

At Latinlingua, we believe conscious companies deserve conscious translators. Your localization partners should be as invested in impact as you are.

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Personal attention

You’ll have a project manager and access to your team of translators. No sending your content into a faceless black box.

State-of-the-art workflows

We combine human creativity with smart AI tech to get you the best, most cost-efficient results. The longer we work together, the more streamlined it gets.

Values-driven priorities

We’re here to change the world right alongside you. As fellow members of Team Humanity, we do what it takes for your content to have the most impact.

Trustworthy results

Your translations need to shine. We’ll stay with you the whole way to get each project across the finish line — design, production, and all.

We understand how important it is to get this RIGHT.

That’s why we offer radical translation support for purpose-driven brands. We’ve spent the last 15+ years perfecting our process. We’ve successfully supported dozens of disruptive companies turned world leaders.

  • Translating since 2005
  • 200+ satisfied clients
  • Most clients stay with us 5+ years
  • Multicultural in-house team with real-world experience
  • Certified B Corp
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Our Clients

Get Radical Translation Support
in 3 Easy Steps

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Yes, We Can Help With That

Whatever your global communication needs, we’ll help you feel confident as you connect with new audiences.

Translation & Transcreation

From taglines to textbooks, we’ll get the heart of your intention across with care and creativity.


Face-to-face or virtual, simultaneous or consecutive. Make sure everyone’s connected and no one’s left out.

Multilingual Copywriting

We’ll start from scratch or build on your brilliance. We bake culture, personality and positive energy into every piece.

Transnational Business Services

Need a local to show you around? We can connect you to service providers and more across Latin America.

Multimedia Solutions

With our own recording studio and voice talents we’ll release your video, audio, or podcast in multiple languages.

Analytics & SEO

We’ll help measure your content’s impact across demographics and platforms.

Your Impact. Their Language. Worldwide

Our Buenos Aires-based in-house team and trusted global partners are ready to kick off projects in over 15 languages.

We specialize in

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French (France + Canada)
  • Italian
  • German
  • Nordics (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish) 
  • Danish 
  • Dutch

In the past year, we’ve also supported...

Arabic, Chinese (Traditional, simpified), Guaraní, Hatian Creole, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Russian, Thai, Ukrainian and Vietnamese

Meet A Few of Our World-Changing Clients

We’ve been the translation and localization partner of choice for some of the world’s leading purpose-driven brands.

Logo Scotiabank

We helped one of Canada’s largest multinational banks reach audiences in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Services: Translation, digital campaign strategy. website redesign and management

Output: Internal and external communications, websites, organic social media

Logo Canva

As this online design software has grown to over 100 countries, we’ve been alongside them the whole way.

Services: Translation, cultural validation, SEO research and implementation, copywriting, voice over, design.

Output: Design Templates, customer-facing videos and communications, localized UI and app content

B Lab Latinlingua

The organization behind B Corp Certification helps businesses measure their true impact. We help them communicate in languages other than English.

Services: Translation, process and workflow optimization, remote interpreting.

Output: BIA in Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian, email campaigns, websites.

Logo Headspace

When this meditation training platform expanded to Spanish and Portuguese, we helped them stay true to the heart of their mission.

Services: Audio production, translation, voice over, recruiting local personalities for recording, PR efforts and digital campaign strategy

Output: Meditation content, app interface, sleepcasts

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Your localization partner should be
as invested in impact as you are.

When you work with other businesses on a mission, every dollar you spend helps create the world you want to see.
At Latinlingua, we walk the talk of conscious capitalism.

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If we invest in others using business to achieve social ends, we magnify our own impact.

— Russ Stoddard, Oliver Russell

Certified B Corp

We’re part of B Lab’s community of certified B Corps. We believe in the world-changing power of using business as a force for good.

Reinvestment Programs

We reinvest part of every dollar we earn. We’ve created three programs to help purpose-driven organizations optimize their communication and amplify their reach.

Living Wage

As Raj Sisodia says, “Humans are not a resource. We are a source.” We’re bucking the trend in our industry and paying all our employees and translators a fair and living wage.

Regenerative Footprint

We take the health of our planet seriously. We guarantee that all translations are net zero. We track and offset our carbon footprint. We have a zero waste office, and more. 

Proud Members Of

Our Donations Have Supported

The Savvy Translation Workbook

Are you set up for translation success?

If your team isn’t aligned around your project before you start, you risk wasting time and money. Or worse — hurting your reputation with a new audience. We don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why we created "The Savvy Translation Workbook: 25 Questions Your Purpose-Driven Company Should Ask Before Localizing Content." The time you put into creating clarity and cohesion on the front end can pay off exponentially later.

Get it today so you can amplify your impact.

Good translation is more complicated
than most people think.

At Latinlingua, we know you want to be a global changemaker. In order to do that, you need great translation services for your core content.

The problem is, good translation is harder than most people realize — and your projects are more nuanced than most. You’re dealing with specialized terms, cutting-edge ideas, and sophisticated tone requirements. Meanwhile, your brand’s reputation and impact are at stake. Who can you trust to do it right? It’s enough to leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed.

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We believe conscious companies deserve a translation partner who cares as much as they do about impact. We understand how important it is to get this RIGHT. That’s why we’ve spent the last 15+ years perfecting our process to provide radical translation support for purpose-driven brands.

So, request a free consultation today. And in the meantime, download our free guide, “The Savvy Translation Bundle for Purpose-Driven Businesses.”

So you can stop worrying about whether your translations will be good enough, and instead build meaningful connections with new audiences around the world.

Seriously, we can help with that

If your business needs it, we can support it. Past projects have included...


  • Video Subtitles and Captions
  • Packaging
  • User Manuals
  • Websites
  • Podcast Translation
  • Press Releases
  • Brochures
  • Event Materials
  • White Papers
  • Training Materials
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Corporate Procedures
  • Books
  • Audio / Voiceover

Adaptation & Transcreation

  • Ad Campaigns
  • Slogans / Taglines
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • App Interfaces
  • App Content
  • Transnational Copywriting

Live Interpreting

  • Virtual events
  • On-site almost anywhere, (US, Mexico, Latin America,, Europe)
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation

Transnational Marketing & Business Services

  • Multilingual Analytics and SEO
  • Market Research for Conscious Companies & Nonprofits 
  • Influencer marketing
  • PR
  • Crisis management
  • Headhunting
  • Connection to service providers
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Your brand’s global reputation and impact
are at stake. You deserve a translation partner
who will go the extra mile.

Ready for radical translation support for your purpose-driven business?

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