Connect the world, for real

We believe there is a global awakening taking place and we want to connect change agents regardless of the language and culture they think and live in, we want to boost collaboration through deep understanding and move the world forward and into a new and healthy paradigm.

We walk the talk

We’re transforming Latinlingua into a healing and nurturing organization. A decade-long of doing business as usual gave us valuable experience and expertise that we now lovingly put to the service of a higher purpose. We pledge to identify and remove, or mitigate, the noise from our life. We understand noise as any and all belief, information, activity, habit or understanding that prevents us from growing as human beings and bogs down our existence.

We are proud to be a B-Corp and are deeply committed to fleshing out our certification, to continue exploring ways in which work can be a platform for personal and collective growth, where we enjoy each and every day as a team, learning to use our differences as triggers for human evolution.

Some Initiatives


Mimicking nature’s seasons

For planning, executing, thriving and learning (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall)

Personalized work-rest cycles

Focused work followed by a reenergizing pause, with flexible hours.

Using content as a source for nourishment

Changing the typical production-driven approach to allow the team to soak in content, to grow and then share their learnings with the team and the world.

Reflexive conversations

To dive deep into soul-searching mode, asking hard questions in a gentle and loving environment.

Healthy workspace

Daily food, composting, ergonomic furniture, vertical gardens… : )

Sharing our passion

Getting involved with industry associations and starting our external communication to get the conversation going.

Let it flow

Latinlingua’s Credit Program

The Fractal Pool

This is where we reinvest part of our revenue to help purpose-driven organizations that need a hand to hire our services, with discounts of up to 45%. We know the real power of communication, how it influences people and how it shapes and creates culture. And we want to do our share to even out the playing field.

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Latinlingua’s Pro-Bono Program


This is where we go all in, waiving 100% of our fees to help non-profits get their message out to the world. Snowflakes need a favorable context to exist, yet can create amazing things when in company of others. With this program we want to create the right conditions for unique and beautiful initiatives to thrive.

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B-Corp Discount

We’re more than happy to extend a special 10% discount on all orders to our fellow B-Corps. We know we’re all doing our share to create a better version of the world, so it’s our way of supporting the whole movement.

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