Who we are

Simply put, we’re a B-certified translation agency with a team of caring multilingual communicators who use language as a force for good to help humanity connect with its higher-purpose.

What we do

We help people understand each other.

Sometimes that means translating from one language to another, sometimes it’s adapting cultural references or changing images to better align with a given community. Sometimes we need to change the linguistic register to allow an audience to understand the message or make content accessible to the blind or deaf. In all cases, we determine the best way possible to facilitate communication and understanding and we execute end-to-end.

What makes us unique?

We walk the talk.

It took us 10 years to get to where we are. 10 years of blindly following the promises of the world. Of playing a game that we now believe is not worth playing. 10 years of gaining experience and expertise the hard way, that we now lovingly put to the service of a higher purpose.

We are proud to be a B-Corp and are deeply committed to fleshing out our certification, to continue exploring ways in which work can be a platform for personal and collective growth, where we enjoy each and every day as a team, learning to use our differences as triggers for human evolution.

Our goal

Connect the world, for real.

We believe there is a global awakening taking place and we want to connect change agents regardless of the language and culture they think and live in, we want to boost collaboration through deep understanding and move the world forward and into a new and healthy paradigm.

Our contribution

Inbound and outbound.

Our main focus at this moment is our internal team, healing first to then be of service to others. Getting to know who we truly are and rediscovering our uniqueness. We’re shaping our culture, enjoying what healthy work feels like. These are some of the activities we’re trying out:

These are some of the activities we’re trying out

  • Mimicking nature’s seasons for planning, executing, thriving and learning (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall)
  • Organizing our work in personalized cycles (focused work followed by a reenergizing pause)
  • Using content as a source for nourishment. Changing the typical role of a production-driven translator, allowing them time to soak in the content, to grow and then share the week’s learnings with the team.
  • Monthly 6-hour workshops to dive deep into soul-searching mode, asking hard questions in a gentle and loving environment.
  • Improving our workspace through ergonomic furniture (balance boards, balls, walking desk, pogo stick...) and nature.
  • Creating a pet-friendly office :)

In parallel, we’ve implemented two outbound programs to jumpstart our culture of abundance.

The Fractal Pool

This is where we reinvest part of our revenue to help purpose-driven organizations that need a hand to hire our services, with discounts of up to 45%. Some recent examples:

B-Lab | Amnesty International


When there’s no budget but we feel like jumping in heart-first. Our full services at no cost. Two amazing organizations we recently worked with:

Be My Eyes | Vergel

Does this resonate with you?

If you feel like getting to know us better, talking with us, sharing with us or working with us please reach out, we’re eager to create new friendships and continue spreading goodness all around the world.

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