It’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to expanding your company’s precious impact into other languages.

A good translation is like listening to a perfectly tuned radio signal, with no interference.

A bad translation is like having a phone conversation with someone that cuts off the whole time.

Unfortunately, It’s very common to receive low-quality work even from “serious” companies, especially when it comes to nuanced or sophisticated content.

On top of that, many standard translation service business practices are cringeworthy to conscious companies. Unless you vet your vendors carefully, you might be unwittingly supporting businesses that perpetuate a “sweatshop” model of farming their work to low-paid, high-volume contractors.

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Your B-Corp deserves a true internationalization partner who can help spread your values to the world.

Our partners rest easy knowing that their localized assets are actually strengthening their brand.

We offer:

  • Multilingual translation and cultural adaptation of existing assets and communication strategy.
  • Design, web development, sound and image adaptation and creation
  • Copywriting in the right language and cultural codes

For more than 15 years, we’ve provided world-class multilingual translation and cultural adaptation to help disruptive companies become world leaders. Our clients include Headspace, Canva, B Lab, Oliver Russell, and Spotify. We recently translated and reviewed the B Impact Assessment into Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. And this fall, we’ll be publishing “The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism for Kids,”by Laura Hall, in Spanish and Portuguese.

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Spread your impact globally

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Click here to request a free 30-minute consultation on your existing or future translation needs and processes. We put our expertise at your service, regardless of our involvement in the actual execution. 


We’ll send you a 1-page report offering honest and unbiased feedback and recommendations on how to best organize and optimize your translation programs. This will include a modular proposal on how we can help.


With a values-aligned translation partner at your side, you can rest easy as your precious message finds its way clean and clear to other cultures. You’ll get frictionless service with a partner you can trust 100% with your brand and business.

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It’s time to stop struggling to be heard in other languages. Request a free consultation today so you can have the global impact you deserve.

Because anything less than great translation won’t do for something this important.