Using language as a force for good!

Communities Thrive Challenge

We’re excited to have helped this great initiative reach as many people as possible. Using language as a force for good!

When you get the opportunity to take part in an initiative that might bring the world a step closer to its true potential you don’t hesitate to go all in. At Latinlingua we are proud to have helped the Communities Thrive Challenge by translating the application form into the 7 most widely-spoken languages in the USA, providing equal opportunity to all American citizens who are strengthening their local communities.

English  |  Español  |  中文  |  Tiếng Việt  |  한국어  |  Filipino  |  Français  |  Русский


Visit the Challenge’s page at and get the word rolling, we need to reach every American organization who might, and should, benefit from this initiative.

How satisfying it is to see money being put to a good use, right?