Noise-cancelling translations

Our world is full of sounds, natural and artificial, harmonious and discordant, re-energizing and energy-depleting. Likewise, our minds are full of information, flooded daily by a myriad of ever-pervasive and prolific outlets. Paying attention to the right things is proving to be harder by the hour. Taking the time to stop and feel before acting is a luxury reserved for a select few.

At Latinlingua we want to stop the madness. We want to stop plaguing the world with useless and confusing or misleading info. We want to feel that everything we put out there comes from in here, deep inside ourselves. From our journey within, subtle but relentless. It’s from that sense of refound purpose and clarity that we emerge, committed to doing what needs to be done, in this lifetime. This is all there is, what comes next is a consequence of what we do here and now, but mainly how we do it and what for.

We understand noise as any and all belief, information, activity, habit or understanding that prevents us from growing as human beings. We’ll collectively identify and, one by one, remove or mitigate the things that bog down our existence.

We believe that behind all that noise there’s the sound of nature, those sounds we were meant to live with and be part of. Even in urban environments, the humming of the universe is there for us to rediscover. We aim at cancelling-out all those foreign noises, interferences.

We’ll start by identifying all the things we are doing that harm the world and ourselves. We’ll then assign priorities and tackle each and every one throughout 2020.

It’s a journey that is sure to be challenging but rewarding. Care to join us?