three outbound programs

Latinlingua’s Credit Program

The Fractal Pool

This is where we reinvest part of our revenue to help purpose-driven organizations that need a hand to hire our services, with discounts of up to 45%. We know the real power of communication, how it influences people and how it shapes and creates culture. And we want to do our share to even out the playing field.

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Latinlingua’s Pro-Bono Program


This is where we go all in, waiving 100% of our fees to help non-profits get their message out to the world. Snowflakes need a favorable context to exist, yet can create amazing things when in company of others. That’s our goal with this program create the right conditions for unique and beautiful initiatives to thrive.

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B-Corp Discount

We’re more than happy to extend a special 10% discount on all orders to our fellow B-Corps. We know we’re all doing our share to create a better version of the world, so it’s our way of supporting the whole movement.

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