This is where we go all in, waiving 100% of our fees to help select non-profits get their message out to the world.

Unique. Beautiful. Delicate.

Snowflakes need a favorable context to exist, yet can create amazing things when in company of others. That’s our goal with this program: create the right conditions for unique and beautiful initiatives to thrive.

Those initiatives that empower humans, that bring us closer to happiness, to self and other-awareness. When organizations are not after mere profits but after benefit and purpose. When there’s no budget available and there’s a message worth spreading, we step in. We waive our fees, 100%, no strings attached.

Initiatives we’ve helped

Snowflake Program

Through this project we’ve helped initiatives like Be My Eyes in Denmark and Vergel Arte in Argentina, and our whole team is eager to work on more projects like these, which are fully done in-house, to nurture and enrich our personal and professional lives.


to join us in turning


into snowballs?