The Amazon is on Fire and it chars our soul

Fire speaks a language we can all understand, but to get the true message we need to be connected to our essence, be connected to each other and to Mother Nature.

This is a time where we need to see past our political and cultural differences. This is a sad and huge opportunity to use the healing power of fire to let it take down our masks and own up our real role here on Earth. Half of Latinlingua’s team members are Brazilian, but we’re all humans who will be greatly impacted by what’s going on right now in the Amazon. It’s our dream for this ecocide to spark our desire -and need- to reconnect with nature and wilderness.

We’ve translated into English a letter from the Amazon Grandfathers to the world, with clear steps that we can all take to make a difference, which you can find here. Let’s honor Nature and spread the word to reach as many as possible.