The Fractal Pool

Latinlingua’s Credit Program

This is where we reinvest part of our revenue to help purpose-driven organizations that need a hand to hire our services, with discounts of up to 45%.

Our Driver

To even out the playing field

Professional-grade communication services are mainly consumed by well-established companies or heavily-funded start-ups, which means smaller companies or non-profits usually have to find other alternatives to work on their communications, mainly due to budget constraints. We believe this creates a communicational imbalance in the world, where smaller voices have a hard time reaching their target audiences.

Communication shapes culture. We empower mission-driven organizations by amplifying their message and broadening their reach. For that, we need your help.

How do we plan to do this?

Strengthen our relationship with brands

We decided to devote part of our revenue to help projects that we believe can make the world a better place. Our regular work with clients creates credits that are made available to purpose-driven organizations to apply to their projects with us. They can offset up to 45% of the cost, but it’s up to them to use as little as needed to leave enough credits in the pool for other impactful organizations. Credit coiners will receive a report on the goodness that was created thanks to our completed projects.

Fractal Projects

Some recent examples

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