The Spanish voice of Meir Schneider

Natural Vision and Self-Healing / Meir Schneider & Opto x Ver

When you hear that someone who was declared legally blind at birth, who was educated in Braille through middle-school, now drives a car at age 61 in California, you immediately think of autonomous self-driving cars and how machines are helping humans achieve the seemingly impossible. The real, and inspiring, story, though, is that Meir Schneider naturally regained his vision by doing eye-exercises and stretching….

He took the teachings of American physician William Bates as foundation to change his own life around and made it his life calling to help others reclaim their own health and eyesight. His San Francisco-based School for Self-Healing,, is where you can find him when he’s not touring the world.

At Latinlingua we believe we shouldn’t need external gadgets and medicines to be healthy and autonomous and that most modern conditions can be prevented and reverted by simple -yet hard- changes to our habits. We see the negative effects that all-day screen-watching has on our eyesight and we’re convinced that eye-exercises can make a true difference.

We’re committed to raising awareness on methods and tools available so we partnered up with Opto x Ver in Argentina ( to help make the most out of Meir’s visit to Buenos Aires.