When a Snowflake Meets Fruit Trees

Food sovereignty is something we truly believe in here at Latinlingua (see our latest post on entomophagy), which is why we were thrilled to collaborate with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) under our pro-bono program Snowflake.

What is their mission?

The FTPF is a NGO dedicated to bringing the environmental, societal, and nutritional benefits of fruit trees to as many people and places around the world as possible. They have several projects in Latin America such as reforestation of urban areas in Brazil, creation of sustainable sources of income for rural families in Peru, provision of long-term, high quality nutrition for schools and organic farming support in El Salvador, and creation of mini-orchads in the backyards of houses in Guatemala.

How did we help them?

Lizzy Rainey, Programs Manager at FTPF, contacted us to translate a document that would be shared with interested groups from Spanish-speaking countries that wish to apply to their tree planting and distribution programs. The document included an overview of the NGO’s work, an application form and also a donation agreement.

FTPF receives many inquiries from smaller groups in Latin America that will benefit from having an application in Spanish so they can better make a case for why their community is in need of fruit trees and our programming. Our hope is that we can reach a broader audience and make worthwhile projects happen that may not otherwise have been able to apply.”, says Lizzie.

What was it like for our team?

The whole in-house Spanish team got involved with the project and had a lot of fun with the new terms they learned during the process. Translator Silvana Piredda says her favorite word was “mulch”. The project was actually her farewell from Latilingua, she’s now off to new adventures on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina. “This was the last project we worked on as a team, so it was very special. And I personally enjoyed being able to combine my legal translation specialty with the possibility of helping a foundation that improves nutrition and environmental conditions for communities around the world.”, says Sil, as we warmly call her.

Would you like to help too?

The FTPF has many ongoing volunteer programs in several countries, including El Salvador, Peru, and Uganda, which offer the opportunity to join their team and partners in the field. All volunteer fees are used to directly supports their projects. If you are interested in joining one of their projects, just reach them out via their website. You can also help by making a donation or buying one of their products at


About the Snowflake Program

Through our pro bono program Snowflake we help initiatives that empower humans, that bring us closer to happiness, to self and other-awareness. When there’s no budget available and there’s a message worth spreading, we step in. We waive our fees, 100%, no strings attached.