Amnesty International – #TOXICTWITTER

We translated Amnesty’s report on Abortion from English into Spanish, for immediate publication. We did it in-house, as all The Fractal Pool projects, to inspire debate within our team, to learn different points of view and to be a part of the history-making moments we’re living in Argentina, our home country, currently debating the legalization of abortion in Congress.

We also translated a report on Violence and Abuse against Women Online, which surely spurred debate on what’s the real role of private companies that create communication platforms. When setting up a business nowadays you never know what your impact or responsability will end up being, but one thing’s for sure: communication will be at the center of it all, and we’re here to help the world understand each other.

Both projects benefited from a 45% discount under our The Fractal Pool low-bono program.

If you think your organization or project could and should benefit from this program, or if you want more information about it, please contact us.

Amnesty International, Fractal Pool

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Published: 28 June, 2018


Amnesty International